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Re: wrong call letters

Chuck Igo confesses:
 first attempt caught myself on a backsell saying "Boston's
> Country.... er, music scene is nothing compared to Portland's!"
> second attempt, though, left nothing to the imagination, doing a
> "Boston's Country Station, 96.9  WBCS".   turned red from the neck
up.  never
> got called on it though.  ( and, <g> not that i dwell on it any way,
shape or
> form...)

I'd been working weekends/fills at the (then) "Wish 99.5 WSSH"
(studios in Woburn at the time).  I was filling on another station
(I'd be guessing at which) and said, "Wish...for a better weekend?
Wish no more.. here it is (to wx).  Red neck, flop-sweat, felt like
that guy LOOKs in the recent "Office Space" movie.  (If you saw it,
you know what I mean.)

Bill What's His Name