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Re: WOKQ on Broadcast.com

Sounds like you're working hard to get those numbers in the Cleveland book.

Actually, while on the subject, I've noticed that a lot of the feeds on 
Broadcast.com sound as though they are off the air feeds from the fringe of 
the market.  I've also heard that a lot of PD don't want to waste their 
time on them because they think that the only folks listening to them are 
out of the market and won't show up on their books.


At 02:10 AM 9/14/99 -0400, Mike Thomas wrote:
>Sounds like their feed to the net was down. Broadcast dot com may require 
>a separate
>audio feed to their server.  At WXLO we have a direct feed from 
>engineering rack to
>Broadcast dot com via a router.  We do not send the actual "on-air" 
>feed.  This
>means when the station goes off the air due to a transmitter outage, we 
>with programming, just in case someone is listening on the internet.
>Mike Thomas
>WXLO & Mediabase 24/7
>John Bolduc wrote:
> > W250AB/WOKQ/WPKQ was promoting their website a good deal this weekend and
> > mentioned your can hear them on
> > Broadcast dot Com.  I tried several other sites on Broadcast.com to 
> make sure my
> > system and network were capable, and all the stations I tried worked fine.
> >
> > However, WOKQ on broadcast.com, although it is "playing", is nothing 
> but faint
> > white noise with a few clicks and pops.  Maybe this is a little 
> comeuppance for
> > their registering wubb.com to themselves.
> >
> > John
> > Derry NH
> > listener

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