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Pattern Changes

Broadcast band DXers do a lot of prowling during antenna pattern changes.
You used to hope and pray you could pull an ID out of air during these
transitions.   I once bagged a station in PA one morning. While tuning
across the band I came across a station programming country music.  My
notes indicated that a station with AT40 should have been there.  I leafed
through my NRC DXers log and found that a C&W was indeed on that frequency.
 As a wild shot I called the station on the telephone. I was transferred to
the engineer.  His name was Sparks, so I knew I was in trouble :)   When I
told him I was copying him in Connecticut, a long pause, then I hear in the
background "da-- it!" and the station's signal went out.  Evidently the
morning guy forgot to switch the pattern back in the morning.  I never
could get a QSL  - reception report, as I am sure they thought the FCC
would be knocking at their door for non-compliance.