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Re: More again about airborne radio traffic reports?

On 10 Sep 99,  Eli Sherer wrote:

> Kevin's real name, for the record (and I hope he's not reading this 
> from his retirement and will come and get me), is Arthur MacTague. 
> Nice Scot looking for the Irish Boston image. To the bext of my 
> knowledge, Joe Green did use his real name.... and it melded well 
> with "Joe Green's Traffic Machine".
I remember when Bill Buchanan in the Daily Record revealed this.  He said 
that Kevin O'Keefe was also Dan Donovan on WMEX.  Apparently, he was one 
of many.  When the old WROR had a Rock & Roll Reunion Weekend in 1985, Mel 
Miller, aka Melvin X. Melvin, said on Saturday that they were holding a 
Dan Donovan convention in Fenway Park and were going to draw straws.  
Whoever got the shortest straw would go on as Dan Donovan on Sunday.

They guy who actually went on as Dan Donovan apparently was the last of 
that name on WMEX.  He described coming up from Rhode Island and asking 
Mr. Richmond for a job.  He was told that his air test would be to go on 
that day as Dan Donovan.  When they liked what they heard, he became the 
new Dan Donovan, and they guy who had been Dan Donovan was changed into 
Johnny Dark and put on the overnight shift.

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