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"WHUB" and WSJZ...

Earlier this week, Bob Nelson suggested "WHUB" as new calls
for 96.9.  I guess now it can be told...back in 1993 or thereabouts,
when the WBZ brass were considering buying 1200 after losing 
out on the bidding for WEEI, they were far enough along in
the process to be considering calls for the new station.

At one point, someone came to me asking whether the WHUB calls
were available (they weren't; a station in Cookeville TN has
had them for decades), then inquiring about a variety of
similar calls (WHBU, WWHB, etc).  Most, if not all, were already
in use at the time.

Of course, as we all know, Westinghouse never did get that second
AM, so the point was moot -- but it's interesting to hear that
"Hub Talk" idea coming back again!

- -bzman ;-)