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Entercom seems to be cutting corners with
its two AMs in Boston. They got cheap with Imus
in favor of some clowns named Dennis and
Callahan on WEEI. Now they added syndicated funny girl Stephanie Miller to WRKO's weekenight line-up and in the process cut
an hour from a local talk show. They've made a bigger change on Saturdays dumping much of its local line-up -- Andy Moes, Mark Parenteau, Steve Weisman and Bob Katzen(in that order) in favor of Motley Fools, Kim Komando, Bob Brinker and Dean Edell(in that order).

A friend of mine who works for Ch.7(in a sales dept.) tells me that WRKO's Jeff Katz and Darlene Katz are day-to-day because Entercom and Sunbeam are negotiating for some sort of news/information morning drive program. WRKO is going to beef up its news presence by teaming with 7News. You figure if this deal does happens, it is not going to cost Entercom much.
Eventhough they'll probably take a good spanking
from WBZ NewsRadio, they'll still be ahead in the bank acct if they're not the ones producing
the content.

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Bill Decker
Media Consultant

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