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Re: Neighbors, at the tone...


  of course you may remember we had one at the Nifty 850 WHDH.  although, it 
was not always working.  (made it a not-so-reliable aid).  although the comic 
substitutions that occassionally (BONK) made it on the air were 

  i personally like them.  i use the 'BZ one to set my cars digital clock 
frequently.  although at Morrissey Blvd, engineering has every single 
broadcast clock in the building,  console digitals and wall-mounted analog's 
set to U.S.Naval observatory, all controlled by a computer program.  it's 
really pretty cool.  no need to run around to every studio with a ladder or 
with the little magnets and try to reset them all in spring and fall.  (by 
the time the engineers got to the sixth or seventh, it got to be a "aw, it's 
close enough situation")

as far as sponsoring goes:  please don't mention it again.  heaven forbid any 
revenue-generating types are perusing the list and say "WOW!  Sponsored Time 
Checks!  We Could Make Money On These..."   it's moidah on the jocks... 
reading a sponsorship that's ten times as long as the time-check was.... <g>

you may also remember that WHDH used to have sponsored pattern-changes:
Jess would read an open for a client with "... locations in Cambridge, 
Boston, Somerville <<pause  -  change pattern to day>> and in (insert 
communities outside of route 128 where you would now be able to hear the 
there was also the WHDH pattern change jingle:  "Where Your Friends Are 
<pause> WHDH".

Chuck (ping) Igo