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Re: More again about airborne radio traffic reports?

Gee,I think that in 1958, 1260 was still WVDA. I don't 
think that Air Trails bought it and flipped the calls to 
WEZE until maybe a year leter.

>>:BUT--- I just found a news clipping that was quite interesting 
to me.  From
>>:Variety, 25 June 1958 (!)  It says, "John Burns of WEZE now doing 
>>:traffic reports from a plane."  Does this ring any bells with anyone? 
>>:certainly places airborne traffic reporting before Bruce Talford 
did it in
>>:1961-- in every article I had read till I found the Variety clipping, 
>>:was usually the person credited with being the first to do traffic 
from the
>>:sky... I had no idea WEZE was doing anything like that in 1958...