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Wall Street Journal Article Sept 9,99

Most of the postings about the CBS/Viacom deal have 
focussed on the implications of its effects on TELEVISION...
but in today's Wall Street Journal, mention was made 
about how it will affect our first love: radio.  Buried
in the jump of a story starting on page B1 today,
headlined "In CBS Merger With Viacom, A Wild Card",
the following sentence read, in part: "The new company 
MAY have to sell some radio stations...because the
same rule change...that allowed companies to own two 
TV stations in major markets...limits the number of
RADIO outlets a company may own in these markets."
(capitals mine).  OK, no doubt CBS would definitely
love to operate both channel 4 and 38 here...would they
therefore be willing to divest one radio property and 
if so what would it be?  Likely WBMX IMHO.  

Laurence from Methuen 

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