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Anyone notice WPLM-FM cumes in 3 markets?

People are moving, albeit slowly, over to 99.1!
It has finally surpassed WXKS in the Boston market.
It was definitely responsible for WOCN losing almost 1 point and is 1 point 
higher than WBZ in the Cape Cod market.
In the Providence market, its rival WLKW lost a point; and WPLM is listened 
to by more people than WBZ.
Although many people disagree with my premise that if potential listeners 
don't like the music [and despise talk] they will "contend" with all news. 
The converse also holds that 99.1 can potentially take listeners away from 
the all-news, the "Old-(vocal)-jazz", as well as oldies and AC formats. Now 
if they will only print some bumper stickers ["I'm takin' it EASY99.1"] to 
change listeners' old habits!

Bill Piacentini
Takin' it...EASY99.1
Note: Although sometimes I feel I am the PD (through some extra-sensory 
medium), I am only a listener who feels this is the kind of station I would 
buy and format. Now if they could buy the two other contiguous 99.1's 
("WPLR 99.1 - New Haven - classic rock" and "WNNH Henniker (1250 712' DA): 
Oldies") and put "The BEST songs from the BIGGEST artists" format on those, 
they could saturate most of New England!

References:(Note: WPLR not in Boston Radio Archives)
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