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Other flips and non-flips

With all the attention placed on 96.9 in recent days, I thought I'd
check out some of the other stations that are rumored to be changing
format at just about anytime.

WCAV-Brockton--Still Country, although the word is that the flip to
Urban should happen soon.  Syndicated urban jock Russ Parr is rumored to
be the new morning guy there.  Other than that, it's anyone's guess.
WJMN is starting to react, as they are using the liner "Boston's Station
for R&B and Hip-Hop." and phasing out "Today's Hottest Music."  The
other rumor is that 94.5 will skew even younger, adding more mix shows
to their programming and taking on more of a "street" presence.   Other
AMFM CHR/Rhythmic stations around the country are also going in this
direction under in-house consultant Steve Smith, who once programmed Hot
97 in New York and currently consults Hot 106 in Providence.

WNHQ-Peterborough--Still simulcasting WJYY.  If 92.1 in Sanford is any
indication, it may be some time before Minditch takes over and we hear
WFNX on the "other" 92.1.

WORC-FM-Spencer/Worcester--They've dropped the "Bus" moniker and is
currently identifying as "Worcester's 98.9FM"  The classic rock and
sweepers continue, with a few spots.  Look for new PD Pete Falconi to
make more changes.

Another Worcester note--98.9's former owners, Chowderhead Broadcasting,
has relaunched their AM simulcast (1310-Worcester and 940-Webster) as
"Extreme Talk 1310 & 940--The Raven."  They're running promos saying
that "WORC is no more."and they use a lot of "KAW!! KAW!!" effects.
Gee, and we thought the "Bus" was bad.  I wonder if call letter changes
for WORC and WGFP are coming, since they are currently buried in their
legal ID's.  The stations lineup is pretty much the same--Jim Rome, Don
& Mike, Tom Leykis, Lovelines and One-On-One sports. For awhile the
station seemed to flip flop between Leykis and Papa Joe Chevalier on One
on One, but now they seem to have settled on Leykis.  I'm not sure what
they're doing in the morning now--they were running Liddy after a local
morning show, so I'll have to check that out.  I'm not sure why they
bother to run Lovelines, since it comes in loud and clear in beautiful
stereo via WBCN.  The station did land the Patriots from WTAG, but
again, why listen when WBCN comes in fine in most of their listening

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7