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I've been monitoring this newsgroup for approximately a year prior to my 
decision recently to become vocal in it.  There have been a few individuals 
on this group that I learned that I could count on any time that Smooth 
Jazz, WOAZ or WSJZ was mentioned to take the opportunity to rip the format 
and the station up and down.  These people wasted no opportunity to 
disparage the format, its alleged ratings, the air staff and the station.

Yesterday I posted a press release to this group regarding a number of 
listener's desire to keep WSJZ Smooth Jazz.  Predictably what followed was 
some intense criticism from this usual group of detractors.  When I dug a 
bit deeper, I was stunned to find that some of the more vocal of these 
individuals were Magic 106.7 employees and air staff.

While it was not uncommon, in days gone by, for a rivalry between competing 
stations, these stations, WSJZ and WMJX are within the same group.  I find 
this thrash and trash disinformation campaign from Magic 106.7 employees 
hiding behind screen aliases to be tacky at best.

Yesterday it was suggested that either Kim Stives or I were "the wife of a 
jazz club owner, record promoter or operator of a Jazz Cruise line".  I am 
none of the above, I'm not in the music or radio industry and I'm not an 
advertiser or vendor to the station.  As I've said before, I'm a listener 
only.  What they neglected to say was that they were shills for Don 
Kelley.  You attempted to attack my credibility while yours should be in