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>Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 22:08:17 EDT
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>WBOS and its sister stations in the Greater Boston Radio Group are on the
>search for interns.  Below is a rough write up on the internship.  Please
>forward this on to your friends, interested parties etc.  When I finish the
>final draft I may resend this!!
>WBOS 92.9FM IS currently seeking fall interns interested in learning more
>about event marketing and the fascinating world of Radio Broadcasting and
>Promotions.    As part of WBOS' Guerilla Marketing Street Team, Interns work
>to gain exposure for the radio station at: station produced or sponsored
>events, area concerts, sporting events and cultural events  and other on-site
>opportunities relevent to the stations marketing and sales efforts.
>As part of the Guerilla Marketing Street Team, Interns  also assist with
>planning, marketing and executing radio sponsored promotions,  public
>relations efforts,  and contests  - both in the office and out.  Interns have
>the opportunity to develop valuable written, organizational and interpersonal
>Interns report to the stations' Promotions Departments, but will also be
>exposed to the sales, programming and production departments within the busy
>radio station. Interns get an insiders look  behind-the-scenes at the
>operations of a commercial radio station.
>Interns in the WBOS program may also be required to assist with events and
>promotions for other properties that are part of the Greater Boston Radio
>Candidates must be at least 18 years of age, enrolled in, and earning credit
>toward a college degree program.  Candidates must be energetic and
>enthusiastic!  These internships are unpaid. The hours are flexible.  Interns
>will be required to participate in some weekend and evening events.
>Please forward a cover letter and resume to:
>Jill Clapp
>Intern Coordinator
>WBOS 92.9FM
>55 Morrissey Boulevard
>Boston, MA  02125
>Phone:  617-822-6752 ~ Fax:  617-822-6759