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Re: 96.9 testing...123

Brian Vita wrote:

> Unfortunately I'm out of town and I missed the changeover this morning.  I
> went to the "www.smoothjazz969.com" web site to listen to the audio feed
> this morning and its gone from the site.  Too bad that their premier show
> was a repeat.  Any word on whether the phones were ringing on Morrissey Blvd?

The phones were ringing on Friday morning. Chuck Monroe mentioned it several
times, thanking the callers who called to wish Debbie Enblom and himself well on
their last day. He also mentioned referring some outraged callers to the
appropriate person at the station.

Very classy, he and Debby made it a point to thank Greater Media (in the final
half hour, anyway) for the chance to have a farewell broadcast, commenting on the
practice in the industry of giving outgoing talent the boot with nary a word of

Tony Abruzzese