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Re: 96.9 testing...123

> From what I've seen, most stations view their Web sites as an
> unfortunate marketing necessity, and not something they would
> invest any of their own time and money in.  (You'll notice almost
> of them are trade-outs.)  Often the only time they get updated is
> the sales manager strikes a barter deal with a new ISP or designer.
> -GAWollman

And who can blame them?  The web is thee most overblown, overhyped,
undersold resource mantle piece.  Like a portable phone a Hollywood
cafe, everyone's gotta boast an obligatory website.  Some may surf by,
bookmark, etc.  If nothing new happens there after a half dozen hits,
e.g., you win something or get to post something to look back on
later, etc., what's the point?  The personnel stuff is interested,
photos, bios, etc., but those tend to be downplayed.  Why?  It's not
the talent who is running the site, but either sales, or, as Garrett
indicates, a barter vendor.

RealAudio is the best thing that happened to radio for people who are
in steel buildings at work and are lucky enough to have a PC with the
right tools.  If that's not you, then you probably listen to ... um,
the radio (but I could be taking a leap on that one.)

Perhaps, someday, in a Galaxy 500 far away, there will be a station
that inter-weaves the internet with creative productions, with
"instant web winner" stuff, etc. so that versus using the pnone
(tired) to grab tickets, you only win via a click on the website
("also available free in local libraries...no purchase necessary....")
<g>  Or, the completion of a listener satisfaction survey (also avail.
by print ad or other cross-medium) enters one to win stuff, etc.  How
about, "Look who's surfing now....<login name>" in real time.  May
seem silly, but, if you really want to get eyes on your pages (and the
ads thereon) then what better a way to do that than to (dare I suggest
it) use both media to get it done?

Bill O'Neill