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Re: AM Presets

With many Delco car radios, you can use adjacent preset buttons to get 3
additional presets per band.  To program, press the [Set] button, and then
press two adjacent buttons simultaneously.  It works on many GM digital
tuning radios, but not all of them.

Try it.

- -Lou

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From: John Bolduc <John_Bolduc@Pictel.com>
To: boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org
Date: Friday, August 20, 1999 1:10 PM
Subject: Re: AM Presets

>I love my Delco Car Radio, it's quite good for DX, and has plenty enough
bass to
>drown out the Derry NH teenages playing rap for the whole county to hear,
>although they are only in the next car over.
>However, I have only 4 AM and 4 FM presets.
>The four this morning AM are (they vary, hey I only have four)
>610 WGIR
>850 WEEI
>1030 WBZ
>1590 WSMN