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Re: AM Presets

Yeah...why do radio manufacturers put 3 fm bands on their digital radios
and only one AM? 
If they want to boast about how many presets the radio has, how about
splitting it evenly between FM and AM? Putting 2 AM and two FM bands? I
have a sony walkman that has 3 FM bands and it's very aggravating to cycle
through 3 bands when switching from FM to AM

(Then again I've gotten over it by assigning one raft of 5 presets to NYC
stations, one for Boston and one for Charlotte -when I was there two weeks

I wonder if they do it because there are more FM stations in most areas
than AM - which could require ore presets

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Sven F. Weil
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On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, John Bolduc wrote:

> I love my Delco Car Radio, it's quite good for DX, and has plenty enough bass to
> drown out the Derry NH teenages playing rap for the whole county to hear,
> although they are only in the next car over.
> However, I have only 4 AM and 4 FM presets.
> The four this morning AM are (they vary, hey I only have four)
> 610 WGIR
> 850 WEEI
> 1030 WBZ
> 1590 WSMN
> John