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Re: WTIC studios actually move

Ironically, that's how Bob Steele ID'ed and brought in the news.  It would have
been fitting to bring Steele in to do that last show.  Did he pull any shifts
at 1080 this summer?  I knew he used to do them on summer weekends, but didn't
he have some medical problems?  Anyone know what's up with him?

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

"Martin J. Waters" wrote:

>         The board operator did not play the usual end-of-hour musical bed
> coming up to the 10 a.m. news, which seemed to get Dunaway's attention that
> something was expected. And Dunaway said on the air, "Oh, this is an
> historic moment?" He said something to the effect that it had been great to
> originate from that location but that the show would go on tomorrow. He did
> the legal ID, usually part of the canned news intro, himself, right on the
> famous four-tone hourly time signal, introed the newscaster, and that was
> it.