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why put talk on FM??? Well....

Have read with interest the discussion about the
new talk station on 96.9 in Boston, and just why
talk doesn't stay on AM.

A couple people made good points about many
FM stations having better, more-consistent 

But....to me the biggest reason is one nobody's
mentioned yet.....younger listeners (mostly
under age 50) are overwhelmingly FM-band

You could have the youngest, hippest, best-sounding
AM talker around, and in most markets you'd have
one heck of a time trying to get FM-partisans to 
even flip the FM to AM switch (radio people and
radio hobbyists are not "normal" listeners).

Or, put it this way: talk in FM is fishing in a pond
rather than fishing in a bathtub.  Guess where
you're likely to catch more "younger" fish?