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Wages: Fore & Aft the Mic (was: WRKO Update)

Bump writes:
> If the producers were smart, they would've support the unions
position.  As
> it is, you have poverty wage board ops, bantering with hosts who are
> 3 times their salaries.
> If Howie (or management) *really* wants them on the air and part of
> show....Then let them pay for it.  (Instead, they are paid with
their ego
> being stroked, by being "on-air"...)
> That won't put the kids thru college though....

Line drive up the middle.  It's one thing for the tech staff (for want
of a better term) to lose the value added opportunity to hear
themselves on the air, but it is another to witness the quality of the
overall product slip as a result of their absence (as may have been
the case).  The very reason talent is compensated is to acknowledge
that what they bring to the product yields ROI.  Board ops ("techs")
and call screeners have an invaluable job, but if they are also a
personality or voice or adding depth or dimension to boost the central
figure, then I am lost as to why they are not considered a "radio
artist" right along with the host (read:AFTR_A_)

OTOH, a _good_ tech, running a tight board, brings value that you only
really notice if/when they mess up (e.g. dead air = audience, blown
spot = traffic & sales depts., blown stager = PD).  Decent screeners
set the pace and rhythm of the talk show and they can ultimately make
or break the host that time around the clock (a lot like a surgical
nurse in the OR at a hospital).  I've seen disgruntled screeners
(tired of the abuse, unloved, etc.) opt-in only the anti-host callers,
3-4 in a row, to the point of until the subtle point is made.
(Probably not the best way to job security, however!)

Bill O'Neill (Proud member of the "I get my own coffee" Club.)