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Expanded expanded band station

So catching up on the news on the Mid-Atlantic radio web site I came
across a tiny blurb about WWRU-1660 (Elizabeth, NJ) having gotten approval
to change COL to Jersey City (in an apparent attempt to provide some
semblance of night service to New York City with 1000 watts).  Checking
the FCC's AM query page I found a construction permit for a night time
transmitter beaming 9000 watts with a 4-tower array.  

I thought one of the requirements for expanded band stations was
nondirectional 10,000 watts daytime and 1000 watts nighttime?  

Have the requirements changed or has WWRU pulled strings?  I have been
listening to 1660 over the past month and nightime service is excellent in
Manhattan, previously the station would completely fade out after dark.

How has the reception been for any of you DX-ers up in the New
England/Upstate NY areas?  


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Sven F. Weil
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