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Re: Surprise! WEEI Replaces Imus With Local Show!

- --- Joseph Gallant <notquite@hotmail.com> wrote:
> WEEI has announced who will replace Imus.

They already started running promos for "The New, Old Dennis & Callahan
Show" during Imus' program.(I'm sure the I-man will have something to
say about the Boston situation before he departs 'EEI for
good come tomorrow).

> In what I consider to be a surprising move, current mid-morning hosts John 
> Denis and Gerry Callahan wil fil the 6 to 10 A.M. slot, with Eddir Andleman 
> and Dale Arnold going 10 A.M.-2 P.M., and Glenn Ordway from 2 to 6 P.M.

One way to look at this : a bandaid schedule for the Fall qtr and nothing
more. I'd look for some changes/shifting before next the spring book.

Also, the current Sox radio team is probably all done, IMHO. 
Castiglione and Trupiano are currently in the final year of their deals.
And if Entercom's focus on the youth in the booth in Seattle and KC
this year is of any indication,  it's a good bet  the Sox will have
some new MTV-generation radio broadcasters come March 2000.

> From what I've heard, Imus' last day on WEEI is Friday (August 20th), but 
> the first Dennis & Callahan morning-drive show might not be until September 
> 7th! What will they do in AM drive between August 23rd and September 6t

They'll probably use house fill-ins(Mustard,Sarandis,etc).

By the way, Butch Stearns is filling in the morning shift
on One-On-One Sports(1510 in Boston) all this week. 1-on-1
has a brand new morning show debuting on Aug 30. 

The first in-house Partiots Monday on WNRB was a total bore.
It sounded like one long public relations informecial 
produced by a greedy team owner. Kraft made a big mistake
by pulling it off 'EEI and doing his own show on 'NRB which
now lacks any kind of sports journalism credibility.
But, money talks....
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