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Re: various Imus is out comments

> I think it was WHK his 2nd stint in Cleveland.  If I'm not mistaken he
> WNBC in 1977....there was a bit of a format shakeup, and few if any of
> airstaff remained.  The new staff sounded not-quite-ready-for-market-
#1, and
> ratings tanked.  Imus was back within a year.

That's right, it's starting to come back to me now.  I think Imus was in
Cleveland (at WGAR) before he hit NYC for the first time.  So, when he
was ousted from NBC, it was understandable that Cleveland would be one
of the markets that would be interested in "bringing him back".

And in '77 when he was available.....WHK brought him back to Cleveland. 
I don't remember WHK as ever establishing itself.  
> There is an aircheck around that is basically a profile of the change
at WNBC,
> with clips before and after the change.  Listening to it gives one the
> impression this was an excuse to get rid of some highly paid air
talent (Imus &
>  Cousin Brucie were a couple) and bring in a bunch of time & temp

You got a copy of this tape?  :-)