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Re: various Imus is out comments

At 01:30 PM 8/4/99 -0400, Bump Martin wrote:
>Didn't Imus leave NYC to come to do Mornings on a country station in
>Cleveland at one point?
>I believe this was during a errr....'hiatus' from his WNBC days...
>(Or was it a suspension...or a rehab sabatical....?)
>WHK?  WKHK?  What station was it?  And what years...?

I think it was WHK his 2nd stint in Cleveland.  If I'm not mistaken he left
WNBC in 1977....there was a bit of a format shakeup, and few if any of the
airstaff remained.  The new staff sounded not-quite-ready-for-market-#1,
and ratings tanked.  Imus was back within a year.

There is an aircheck around that is basically a profile of the change at
WNBC, with clips before and after the change.  Listening to it gives one
the definite impression this was an excuse to get rid of some highly paid
air talent (Imus &  Cousin Brucie were a couple) and bring in a bunch of
time & temp jocks.