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WKCI anniversary (Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 7/30)

<NERW wrote:
Congratulations to the folks at WKCI (101.3 Hamden), who celebrated
their 20th anniversary on the air last weekend with a reunion of the
original airstaff.  Among those returning to the KC101 airwaves were
Pete Salant (now at WYNY in suburban NYC), Jerry Kristafer (still in
the building at WELI), Dr. Chris Evans, Peter Bush, and Curt Hansen
(all across town at WEBE), Susan Saks (in Hartford at WZMX), Dana
Lundon (at Detroit's WKQI), Floyd Wright (at WWYZ), Willie B. (now
with Star Systems), and Ross Cooper and Jim McNeal, still with WKCI
after all these years.

        A round of applause for the WKCI management and all the competing
owners and managers who said it was OK to put on a bunch of voices that
compete with WKCI day in and day out--i.e., the WEBE, WZMX and WWYZ jocks.
It's great to see that kind of thinking. It helped make it a really fun
weekend to listen to. It seemed as if there were always at least three
jocks in the studio at once and everyone obviously was having a really good
time. Good jocking, too. It's not every day you hear two or three people
talking up a record together impromptu and one of them still manages to hit
it just right <g>.