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Re: RE: WGOD, etc.

On 27 Jul 99,  DMWang@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 7/27/99 9:11:21 AM, laurence@sprintmail.com writes:
> f.y.i. Columnist and Author, Cecil Adams of "The Straight Dope" fame ( <A
> HREF="http://www.straightdope.com">http://www.straightdope.com</A>)
> recently discussed this issue in his latest book "Triumph of the Straight
> Dope." According to Cecil, N and A call signs are reserved for the Army
> and Navy exclusively (you have to figure out in which order...) He sites
> as an example NJFK as being the call signs for the Aircraft Carrier John
> F. Kennedy. I would provide a link to the index from the book but he has
> not put this book up on his web site yet. I hope this helps.

Then I wonder what callsigns the Air Force gets. 

Nevertheless, there was a shortwave broadcasting station that got an N 
callsign a few years ago.  I believe it is either no longer operating or 
no longer operating with the N callsign.  Or perhaps it got a CP and never 
got on the air.  I don't remember the details and haven't the time right 
now to peruse through old issues of Monitoring Times to find it.

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