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Re: WRKO production quality

?Brian Vita wrote:
>As long as we're talking about RKO, am I the only one that's noticed their
>really bad production during the "Howie Carr" show?  I'm not talking about
>the content, but just the production.  There are major gain changes as they
>go from Howie to the news and other production elements.  Lots of gaps of
>dead air and just some other production glitches.

        It's not just lately and it's not just Carr. It's 24 hours a day
and it's been that way for a long time. They're famous for having the
host's opening words of the hour drowned out because the music bed used for
the intro out of the news has not been turned down.

        I posted awhile ago about the Arnie Ginsburg interview when every
time, just about, that the host called for a cut to be played---some old
Adventure Carhop jingle or whatever--it didn't happen. Ginsburg was
punching up stuff on his home stereo and holding the phone to the speaker.
He did great. didn't make any more mistakes than he used to on his show 35
years ago <g>.

        Ironic that WRKO has such bad board operations when back in its
music days it had such excellent board operations--using much less
sophisticated equipment and running a format that was much more demanding
at the board, etc., etc, blah blah good old days blah blah things ain't
what they used to be yadda yadda yadda . . .