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Re: WGOD, etc.

In a message dated 7/27/99 0:41:33 AM EST, lawyer@world.std.com writes:

<< I believe there was a shortwave station with an N callsign a few years 
 ago.  Otherwise, I think the N and A calls may be used for utilities.

Has anyone noticed the "call sign" on Channel 5's helicopter?   It's N345TV.  
All aviation things have N registration numbers in the US, doubling as 
airplane "license plates" and call signs for radio communication.   Anyway, 
this is the first "vanity" plate I've seen for a helicopter. The first 4 
digits are in bordered harder-to-see figures while the last 3 digits are in 
bold black "5TV".    Since there's little space to put an advertisement on a 
helicopter, as almost all available space is taken by the 'license plate',  
this is a clever way the make the 'plate' advertise the station.
- ---jibguy