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W267AI (was Re: WFNX --> WNHQ ?)

Maybe if they Mounted the translator antenna closer to 
the side or used a downward beam tilt would help.
..or just relocate it to a lower roof somewhere
like next to WMFP or something. I noticed the 
translator comes in pretty clear just past the Exit 11a 
on the MassPike and also in the parking lot at Salem State
Coll. While stuck in traffic for the Central Artery Proj.
on the Masspike near the end I also noticed how clear 
WCAT-FM from Athol came in. I wonder if its Trops or line 
of sight.

BTW: Anyone else hear the Pirate on 87.9 in Windsor, CT??
I was down in the city and picked this spanish beauty up..lol

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