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Lowell Folk Festival Final Day

The final day of the Lowell Folk Festival found WCAP all alone with live
radio coverage,anchored by Bill O'Neill in the 1974 GMC mobile home
studio(Hey,it now qualifies for antique license plates!!!).I even had the
opportunity to be interviewed on the air twice during the afternoon by
Bill,as he did a fine job filling time in between act changes.

WCCM was a no show,but a Ford Explorer with WCCM's logo("Newstrack 800")
was parked in the spot where their Pepsi Thunder Van was yesterday.In
fact,it was parked there since Saturday night,blocking a handicapped
parking space to boot.Festival officials were looking to have it removed by
hook or by crook,don't know how that ended up being resolved.WCCM did
promote the fact they would be broadcasting live Saturday and Sunday,don't
know what happened to them.

WJUL was also a no show,no idea what happened there either.And,no Mega 1400
bumper stickers seen anywhere at the festival this year.well,there's always
next year.

Mark Watson