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Re: Springfield....and WNNZ....

On Sun, 25 Jul 1999 15:14:23, -0500 LJNF40C@prodigy.com (BUMP MARTIN)

>> Local well known personality Dan Yorke went from WHYN to WNNZ when
>>Clear Channel took over WNNZ.  His popularity may account for the
>To my
>> mind, there have been no other changes to their line up, which
includes Howie
>> Carr in the afternoon.

Actually, I, Rick Kelly (nuhuc@juno.com) said that.  Anyway...

>What shift does Yorke do?  Middays?

AM Drive.  He did PM drive at 'HYN.

>I believe I caught him once on NE Cable News filling in on one of the
>talk shows.  (Is he a heavyset guy? If so, I did see him.)


>Wasn't Howie on and off this station a couple of times?

Yes, they had Howie, then he went away and they switrched to Bob Grant. 
Grant went out, and Howie came back.

>And isn't WNNZ and WHYN owned by the same people?

Yep, Clear Channel.

By the way, this is Yorke's second stint at 'NNZ.  He was lured away from
WHYN to 'NNZ by 'NNz;s local management a few years ago, only to be
eventually lured back to 'HYN.

Rick Kelly

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