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Re: STE....REO (was: NorthEast Radio Watch 7/16: WZEN)

Thus getting that leadpipe effect! Another fine example
of a tune not being able to correct, the Swinging Medallions "Double
Shot (Of My Baby's Love)! Drums guitars, keyboards and that unavoidable
bass on the left channel and the vocals being the only element on the
right channel. It's my understanding that these recordings were
intended to be mixed to mono from these 2 track sources. Hence. "Phil
Spector's Chritmas Album"! Anyone remember that hard to find *2 track*
unauthorized release on Pavillion records?;)

Roy Lawrence
Portland, Maine
- --- Bill O'Neill <billo@erols.com> wrote:
> Chuck Igo writes:
> > on a song such as "Monday Monday" where the left
> starts the tune,
> and the
> > right has nothing until the first little drum
> shot, the vocal on the
> left
> > will be ok for about :02 or :03, then the
> phase-correction kicks in
> and it
> > monos it out.
> So...it erroneously _reads it as_ out of phase and
> monos out or the
> mix actually IS bad?  (I was always baffled by techs
> discussing stuff
> like left and left minus right, pilot injection. 
> But I learned just
> enough to impress the unafflicted.)
> Bill O'Neill

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