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Re: while in Norwich Ct

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> work brought me to Norwich Ct  and I have the following observations
> 88.1  was running a Norwich baseball game WITH COMMERCIALS
> (its  SUPPOSED to be community radio for Westerly, RI)
> WNRB 1510 comes in loud and clear at night (daytime it was there but)
> On 850 I didn t get either WEEI or CKVL but a station playing
> standards....but never could pull an ID
> 870 in Ithaca, NY was like a local
> I also found an interesting trop as WBLM was winning over WDRC
> I am very curious tho about 88.1

I've noticed the same thing regarding WNRB.  They come in suprisingly
well there since WNLC-New London went off the air.  I'm not too suprised
about WBLM beating out WDRC-FM.  There is a null around Bozrah around
Route 2 which makes many Hartford signals very noisy or totally inaudible
in Norwich.  However, Rhode Island and even Cape Cod stations blow in
regularly, so if there was a bit of trop, WBLM coming in would not be too
much of a suprise.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7