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Re: JFK Missing -- Coverage

At 04:55 PM 7/18/99 -0400, ASchinella@aol.com wrote:
>my reaction was a little the same and then i thought about it and realized
>that yeah, there are massive searches for ordinary people in accidents quite
>often. look at the massive volunteer efforts for lost kids or that boston
>teacher who's car broke down.

You hit the nail on the head.  The massive searches are volunteer efforts.

>remember that plane from lebanon, nh that
>everyone is still looking for?

Yes, the Civil Air Patrol and several volunteer pilots groups did most of 
the searching.  I don't recall the Air Force being called in.

>other plane accidents get pretty good coverage
>from the media as well. plane crashes, fires, missing kids -- seven news is
>on the scene! but, this much? no.

Yes but 7News is not preempting all of their regular programming for 
it.  Its not breaking news if nothing is happening.  OK, the plane went 
down.  Get back to us when you know more.  Don't keep us sitting there 
while you keep repeating the same stuff.  When you have some more 
information, cutaway to it.

>plus, i don't think the pentagon is ever involved in something like this. one
>has to wonder if amy carter, chelsea, the gorgeous gore girls or nixon/ford's
>kids would get as much coverage or action if heaven forbid anything should

Probably not.  Their families don't have the media as tied up as the 
Kennedy spin machine.  They can't even admit that its very likely that he's 
already become fish food.  Does the media think that he took swimming 
lessons from his uncle?