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Re: OK, this could be scary.....

In a message dated 7/17/99 11:06:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
markwats@netway.com writes:

<<   Also,while checking out the above site,found a couple of interesting job
 postings.WPOR is looking for a morning host/show.Who is currently holding
 that spot or is is open?? >>

Mark Matzell has been doing the show solo since his partner, Loretta 
Crawford, left the station to go to work for the local YWCA earlier this 
month.  Mark & Loretta had been doing the show since Bud Sawyer was forced 
into temporary retirement in 1997.  (It was officially a voluntary retirement 
but Sawyer now does mornings on WLAM so it's pretty obvious what heppened.)  
Matzell and Crawford are both radio veterans and pros but the show never 
worked.  Matzell is now just bidding time while Saga looks for a new team.  
Rumors are that he will move into a production position with the company when 
the new team debuts.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine