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Another Talker in Boston....?

Personally, I would LIKE to hear some of the syndicated shows that I keep
hearing *about*....but can't actually hear the program itself here in

G GORDON LIDDY - A very WHINY voice....but he has been pretty
sucessful...and is popular among thecollege crowd.  (Believe it or not!)

TOM LEYKIS- While I never thought he would succeed in syndication, he HAS
hung in there for awhile...and of course there would be a Boston interest in
him.  (I will never hear him again without thinking of the newspaper's
reference to him "mistaking his wife for a yule log".)

DR. DEAN EDELL - He likes to gab about current medical trends, (as opposed
to quackery), as well as do the tyical Q & A thing.  Given the right
daypart, he might just be OK.

JIM BOHANNON -  (While a lightweight, hearing him would be a welcome change
from the UFO nut.

BRUCE WILLIAMS - He does a great job!  ALthough I don't sense the same
support from the network that I did when they first launched TalkNet.

What about Bob Grant?  (I'd like to hear *why* NY listen to him.)  And Joey

Personally, I'd like to hear CBS hourly newscasts on the air again...but I
don't think that's gonna happen.

While it IS necessary for station to have a local idendity....I don't think
that syndicated talk necessarily has to be a turn-off.  Again, I would like
to hear these programs cleared locally...especially since I keep hearing
people talk about them....

Just my $.02