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Re: Imus gives his version....

Because Entercom  has been a publicly traded company
since January. When a management miscalculation like this
happens, it not only directly affect station's revenue
and position in marketplace, it also puts the company
as a whole  under the microscope of cuurent shareholders
and  potential investors. The story made both AP and UPI wires
and ran in many major newspapers. Therefore, Entercom had to put
its best spin on the situation or as Imus put it on Monday
- -- "CYA"(cover your a**)

- --- Dib9@aol.com wrote:
> Imus' version of events rings true to me.  I didn't understand why
> decided to attack Imus when announcing the change.  If it was a
> business decision, why would that be necessary?  
> If Johnson is correct the WBOS will now go all-talk, Entercom has
made a big 
> mistake.  Imus fans will follow him to the station, giving WBOS a
> against Entercom's WRKO.
> Dan Billings
> Bowdoinham, Maine

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