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Re: WBRU sold to AMFM for $2 million

- --- Kevin Vahey <kvahey@megsinet.net> wrote:
> Doesn t that seem a bit cheap for Providence????  Not the strongest signal
> in the world, but it covers the metro area pretty well....

I'd say this is a steal for AMFM. I am just wondering which one
of their Providence FMs will be flipping to the JO(Jammn oldies) format now?
> Curious why they are selling..........

The same reason why many other independents are selling : 
corporate 3-4 station market clusters make it so much harder to
compete for a thin slice of an advertising pie...

> What do you suppose WHRB could bring????

It all depends how desperate AMFM gets as
it looks to find an outlet for a JO format
in the Boston market...I suppose it would involve
lots of hard cold cash(very low two-digit range).
AMFM could also throw in an AM station so that
Haravard sports could still be heard around here....

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