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FNX In Nashua??

Larry Weil wrote:

> I know about WFNX going into the Portsmouth/York Cty market, but I've heard
> nothing about them going into Manchester/Nashua.  Do you know something we
> don't?
> This is starting to sound a lot like WDRE (Is Philly really just an outer
> suburb of NYC?)

I wouldn't be suprised if WHOB-Nashua entered an LMA with Minditch and
simulcasted FNX.  Heck, ANYTHING would be an improvement over what they've done
over the past several years.

The WDRE simulcast from Long Island into Philly did not last too long.  The
Philly station eventually moved to local programming before being sold to Radio
One and flipping to urban last year.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7