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Re: Globe story on Imus

On Fri, 9 Jul 1999 11:30:18 EDT Dib9@aol.com writes:

>Another problem with Imus is his regular vacations.  He's off as much 
>as Johnny Carson was in his last years on the Tonight Show.  A topical 
>morning show needs to be timely.  I'm an Imus fan, but I find the Best
>shows boring and rarely listen.  This is dangerous.  Radio listening is 
>habitual and if you given a listener a reason to change the station,
they may 
>not come back.

It's different for me.  I kinda like the best of shows... they're
tighter, no phone bits or interviews that fall flat, and a limited amount
of time of Imus going on and on complaining about the ranch contractors
trying to rip him off, how he's gonna ruin peoples lives, and etc.

Rick Kelly

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