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Mike Thomas wrote,

> The weakened WSRO signal has been running for quite some time now,
> and I haven't noticed too much improvement recently.  Also, WSRO
> sister WRPT seems to be sounding a bit weaker lately, particularly
> early evenings before sunset.  Normally, they  boom in where I am
> during that time, but now they seem to be battling the skywave more
> than usual.  Do they have to step down during "critical hours?"
> I've never noticed them doing this before.  Can anyone clarify??

Unless it is transmitter trouble:  Sunday afternoon and evening, WRPT
was off the air (or with extremely low power), but did note them on for
about 15 sec. (as I was sweeping the band), with *full daytime power*,
at 2:45am Monday morning, then clicked off.  Then they were noted off
again Tuesday afternoon and evening.  When I've checked WSRO, I thought
they were at lower power than normal--but, then again, I haven't really
analyzed them since they changed.  P=(