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Re: another Entercom drop

- --- Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:
> maybe the WhitRood show was not on the money, and no, i'm not the founder nor 
> a card carrying member of the Al Mayers fan club, but last i checked, the 
> Chicks didn't do too badly til they got a little tired of each others' 
> company, and well, let's see a show of hands out there on the list.... how 
> many of you have a nationally syndicated talk show..... hmmmmmm.  no one, eh. 
>  well, leykis does.  like him or not, he's got a little niche working there, 
> and the coast to coast coverage doesn't hurt, either.

The Two Chicks was actually a good experiment. At the very 
end their numbers(where it mattered) were higher than Howie's.
But whenever station's middle management brings in someone
like Phylis Levy into the mix, you know they are
treating this business as one big joke. What was even worse was
the fact the very sales-driven upper management at ARS was convinced
that it could sell someone as untalented and unlikeable as Levy
in this market and still make some profit....

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