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RE: Weather Related Radio/TV Problems

We here at WWLP went off the air for 40 seconds due to an Electrical Failure
(circuit breaker) of Western Mass Electric's equipment.

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> Subject: Weather Related Radio/TV Problems
> WCAP(980) Lowell has been off the air since about 5:30 PM
> today.A severe
> thunderstorm rolled through the Lowell area,bringing down
> numerous trees
> and power lines.Power was knocked out in the area of WCAP's
> TX site,and as
> of just before starting to type this,the power is still out in that
> area.(my parents live just down the street from WCAP's TX).I
> thought WCAP
> had a generator at the TX,unless it failed or maybe there was
> damage at the
> TX site.
> Also,about 10:15PM,I was watching CH 56's news when the station went
> off,replaced by a Media One pay per view promo.Flipped through all the
> other Boston TV's,found all but Ch 2 apparently off and
> replaced by the
> same Media One PPV promo.About 15 sec after this all stations
> were back
> on.Any one else notice this occurance on their cable system?
> Mark Watson