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RE: WROL sold? and WJIB, WEEI

Kevin Vahey writes:
>Maybe I missed something, but Bernie Corbett who has the BU Hockey (and
>now Harvard football ) package is telling people he is looking for a new
>outlet in Boston to replace WROL as they have been sold.

A Catholic radio group bought out Carter's six New England radio stations
earlier this week. (There was mention of this in the Globe's radio and TV
Saturday, I think. (I can't remember the day.) Supposedly, they're also
to Raybo to host a show for them.)

It's the end of an era in Boston broadcasting. The Irish programming they
definitely had a big following for three decades and made them some decent
money. And Bernie Corbett is going to have a hard time finding an outlet to
replace for those games since every other station in the city is brokered
or won't break their format for BU sports.


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