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Re: Call Me Al....

> Al Mayers is one of the most underrated people in the biz.  bill and
i both
> worked with him at Wah-Hoo-Dah-Hah in those wacky 80's before Blair
> town.
> He is (or at least was) a very easy going, thoughtful guy.  doesn't
> didn't) do the knee-jerk thing.  and nobody could make The Sports
Huddle hum
> they way he could.
> if he can bring some of that to the table, a "calming" influence on
a station
> currently not that sure of itself, then it could be a good thing for
> WRKO and talkradio in Boston in general.
> Welcome back, Al.
> chuck igo

Underrated, yes.  He was also a work-horse even with a lot of the less
glitzy parts of the job that is so often delegated or just neglected
in most instances.  Al's from the side of the house that used to stand
for "service" in terms of backing up talent, making remotes go well
(technically, and otherwise).  Tech-ing (board) Eddie and Sportscall
was a great gig (I filled on occasion).  One of the first things Al
taught me (as he was in the Producer spot) was to "_Keep_ eye contact
with the host!  Think with him!"  And with talent like Eddie and
Benzaquin, that was a heckuva ride.  I doubt techs today have much
basic sense along those lines.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Al's return will mean to
Boston talk.  There's hope!

As for Lowell talk, I'll flashback to a former gig and fill for
"Saturday Morning Live" in the morning 6-10 on WCAP (980 Lowell).

Bill O'Neill