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Re: Call Me Al....

In a message dated 7/1/99 11:24:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time, billo@erols.com 

<< Today's Herald reports the return of Al Mayers to the PD desk at WRKO.
 Bill O'Neill >>

Al Mayers is one of the most underrated people in the biz.  bill and i both 
worked with him at Wah-Hoo-Dah-Hah in those wacky 80's before Blair left 
He is (or at least was) a very easy going, thoughtful guy.  doesn't (or 
didn't) do the knee-jerk thing.  and nobody could make The Sports Huddle hum 
they way he could.  
if he can bring some of that to the table, a "calming" influence on a station 
currently not that sure of itself, then it could be a good thing for both 
WRKO and talkradio in Boston in general.
Welcome back, Al.

chuck igo