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Re: Karen Blake...?

She might have been filling in for Duran
Blake's scheduled for Saturday and Sunday...
Other former Eagle staffers are back on weekend
schedule -- Kim Collins, Jay Michaels...Steve York
is still on for overnights but rumored to be headed
somewhere else...

Charlie Wilde is almost a definite to take over
Star 93-7's morning slot. He's coming from Jacor's
WVMX 94.1FM(Mix 94-1)/Cincy which he 'left' in April
after taking a pounding from Mel's station....

He made some waves in Europe a couple years ago
as a groovy Yank "presenter" on London's top dance
station Kiss FM which is controlled by Jacor to some extent.
When his work permit was not renewed, he headed back to the
States and landed in Cincy where pulled some impressive
numbers in a battle for female listeners(the guy even
sabotaged a competitor's web site -- it was one of Mel's stations.
Stupid move. Mel's station ate up much of Wilde's audience after that).

- --- BUMP MARTIN <LJNF40C@prodigy.com> wrote:
> Here is something I got this morning with my 'free weather' from Ch 5's
> Mark Rosenthal....
> **************************************************
> Have you listened to KAREN BLAKE on the new...
> STAR 93.7 FM...
> Check her out today from 10 am to 3pm...
> Then call her to host YOUR next party!!!
> Toll free 1-877-527-3535 or e-mail her at DJKARENB@aol.com
> **************************************************
> Is Karen part of their staff again?  
> Or is she just been on Temporarily?
> Also, isn't "Ann Duran"(sp?) or soemthing like that, doing middays?
> Anyone have some insight?
> BM

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