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Webcasting for Mac users

good morning..

 apparently, there is a beta version of the Windows MediaPlayer for Mac 
users.  this was mentioned to me by a coworker here (David Anderson) who much 
better versed in things that "byte" than i.
here's the url for the Microsoft download page:


for what it's worth, some additional research on whether or not a station has 
both RealAudio or MediaPlayer or Netshow or whatever for use with streaming 
audio has indeed brought up the sole hesitation:  cost.  (server space and 
associated programs don't come cheap, i guess)

many broadcast outlets on the web have had the foresight to see the value of 
webcasting, and it available to as many potential listeners as possible.  
other broadcasters are still getting their feet wet, so to speak, and will 
each attempt to put their own value on webcasting/associated costs.  

but Mac users, go ahead and give it a try.  and if it works, share the news!  

chuck igo (Burlington High 76 / Windows 98)