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Re: WHDH and Blue (Was: Re: WLAW-680)

On 9 Jun 99,  Dan.Strassberg@worldnet.att.n wrote:

By the 
> time I moved to Boston, nine years later, the situation 
> was drastically different, as I described in a previous 
> posting. Only WEEI was unchanged. WNAC had the same 
> affiliations as in 1947 but had moved to 680. WBZ had 
> become an independent. WLAW was gone. WVDA was on 1260, 
> and we can't figure out whether it carried ABC or NBC. 
> Moreover, we can't figure out what station carried 
> whichever of these two networks WVDA did not carry. 

I remember quite well that, in 1957, WNAC was the NBC affiliate and WVDA 
was the ABC affiliate.  I'm pretty sure that NBC did not move to 1260 
until after it became WEZE.

> guess I need to find a Broadcasting Yearbook from 1956 
> or get down to the Copley Square library and see if I 
> can find microfilms of a 1956 Boston Globe. (Back then, 
> Boston papers carried little ads on the front page. Is 
> anybody else in the group old enough to remember that?)

Here I am.

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