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Re: Raleigh signs off

mwaters@mail.wesleyan.edu (Martin J. Waters) wrote:

>         Just before 2, he gave a special thanks to former WBZ PD Ira Apple,
> who is on this group, along with another former PD whose name I was not
> familiar with.

The other WBZ PD I heard mentioned was Cary Pahigian.

>         Raleigh was a guest late on the Brudnoy show and the new overnight
> host, Steve Leveille (sp? sorry) will be a guest this evening. When exactly
> is Brudnoy cutting back? Next week?

You're thisclose on Steve's name:  it's LeVeille with a capital V.  
According to the Inside Track at the Herald, Paul Sullivan will take 
over the 10 to midnight slot on 'BZ on June 28.